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More about the Lorem Ipsum generator

The average person has probably seen Lorem ipsum but few know what they are looking at and why it is there. Lorem ipsum is commonly used in publishing and graphic design as a way to show people what a document or page will look like when filled with text. In the past decades it has been used as filler for templates offered in internet web page construction. It fills the blank spaces without distracting the viewer with readable words, presenting an accurate picture of what the page would look like if it was filled with text.

Lorem Ipsum is generally taken from Cicero's "On the Boundaries of Gods and Evils" written in his native Latin in 45 BC. It is the standard for lorem ipsum because it uses familiar letters without making sense to those not versed in that dead language. Sometimes, though, lists of states and their capital cities are used, particularly if a section of the page is supposed to represent a list. Website designers find lorem ipsum, also called dummy text, indispensible when presenting their examples to prospective clients.

The ideal dummy text, and what we use here, has a database of over 3000 words. Since the intent of a random text generator is to eliminate distraction, lorem ipsum has realistic sentence structure and can also generate text with HTML tags. The tags are useful for leading a client back to your page or to another configuration that they may like.

The lorem ipsum generator has a user friendly, easy to use interface that works quickly with minimal user effort. When you need placeholder text or just want to demonstrate a form of typesetting it's very easy to get this type of dummy text. All you have to do is fill in the number of paragraphs you want and click the "generate" button. The lipsum generator will give you all the dummy text you want, with logical sentence structure, with astonishing speed.

If you want your graphics, typesetting or page design to stand out and catch the eye you will find the lorem ipsum generator the perfect tool for your purpose. This placeholder text is attractive yet not distracting, making it the perfect dummy text to showcase your creativity.